The art of comedy, namesake of a theatrical production written by actors/playwrights in 1964, is a constituent molecule in the Italian DNA and quintessential to the poetry of the Scuotto brothers. This farcical, innermost spirit permits them to interpret one of the twentieth century’s most iconic paintings, a depiction of terror which is Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” (1937).Their spirit enables their conceptual parody, with its horns, devils, the triumph of death and skeletons in disguise, to avoid being ridiculous and, at worse, rather pathetic. The painting of René Magritte, master of the Belgian surrealists (a bad painter or a saboteur who liked to interpret reality to a certain point then disguise it? the jury is still out on this one) is treated in the same way. Stylistic parody and explicit citationism. This is the formula of the Scuotto brothers, which buys into the universe of iconoclastic art ,from Andy Warhol to Rodin, from Damien Hirst to Brancusi. The craftsmanship of the Scutto has no barriers or restraints, their hallmark inventive and technical mastery has no pictorial, conceptual or sculptural barriers. Diverse and intricate cultural diversities feed their appetite for creativity. The seismic shift of their interpretation of iconic themes rightly endows them with the title of “Contemporary”. Consider the Scuotto brothers as having inherited the “Transavantgarde”, hence they create with a playful and light hearted interpretation, quite opposed to “Arte Povera”. Their conceptualism is obvious, it does not require critical examination, as paradoxically their satire becomes only too apparent. The spirit of “Italian Comedy” is as obvious as the films of Monicelli and Risi, the theatre of Goldoni- and the comedy of the master, Toto.” France had Marat”-declared Achille Bonita Olivia exactly thirty years ago-“Italy had Toto and la commedia dell’arte”. The trump card of the brothers is their technical ability, which distinguishes it from the stereotyped mainstream. If Jeff Koons or Damien Hirst delegate, the Scuotto brothers perform. Always, their rare and precious high level of craftsmanship is to the fore, underscoring all their endeavours.
The Scuotto brothers are the creators of post modern objects, produced with enormous care and attention in the traditional master craftsman workshop As art for art’s sake becomes more important than the result, here, with them, we see that difference fade away, and skill becomes art, art is skill-where one begins and the other ends is not easily defined.
Luca Beatrice “Arte della commedia o commedia dell’arte’” in SCU8 Maninarte catalogue of the exhibition Castel dell’Ovo Naples 2009



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